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I love office supplies!  I used to go the the local newspaper office/office supplies store with my Dad on occasion as a child and all the shiny new pens and pretty colors of paper would mesmerize me.  That doesn’t seem to have stopped and I don’t expect it to any time soon.  I still love going to the office supply stores and seeing all the shelves of colorful items.  Staples has confetti binder clips, heaven!  Sorry, got carried away for a minute.

This year I am really trying to focus on saving as much money as possible so I skipped the office supply store and went to the web for my calendar needs.  I found, where I was able to print several monthly and weekly calendars.  There is no customizing available but that is what all the stickers and stamps are for so I quickly picked what I needed, printed and got started.

First, I needed a quick glance calendar.  One year on a single page where I circle dates that are important scheduling items so I can see what I have to work around.  For this year I want to do a 50 Lists of 5 things and a weekly blog post and know when birthdays are coming up so I have new cards ready.

Second, 12 monthly calendars to view the details of what I have coming up.  Again the 50 of 5 lists and blog posts, represented by the different colored hears and an orange cupcake for birthdays, plus anniversaries.  My parents will celebrate a big one this year.

Third, a weekly calendar on which to add specific details of what I need to accomplish during the week, again with color coded stamps for the pre-planned things that I don’t expect to change.

Fourth, I found a large desk calendar at Target for just $3 and have already added birthdays and anniversaries to it.  This is where I will write my accomplishments as well as my appointments.

Most of this information is in my iPhone/iPad/Google calendar and I can access it from anywhere but I find that if I write things down they tend to stay in my head better than if I type them really quickly.  Plus, I like the idea of walking past the calendar and seeing what I counted as an accomplishment.  Recently I was updating my resume and found it was very difficult to come up with a list of accomplishments from my 11 years at my last job.  Not because I hadn’t done anything, but because I was so focused on getting things done and moving on to the next that I never took the time to acknowledge the things I did as accomplishments.  Writing down my accomplishments ends the project or portion of the project so that all my work and effort doesn’t morph into one long job that is never complete.  I want to end the blur of my life and celebrate the moments from now on.

Next goal, clean off the dining table!!!!  What a mess.

Please check out my Instagram for more on my 50 Lists of 5 for 2019.

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