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There are some “What Not To Do” items on this project.  It still worked out but I learned a few things here that you might like to avoid so I decided to share this project even though it didn’t go well.

This banner is the heart shaped paper and fabric banner from Target (the felt banner will be done in another post).  I started in Cricut Design Space with a heart from the Shapes menu in the size of the inner heart on the banner.  Just add the shape, make sure it’s aspect ratio is unlocked and set the height and width.  It won’t be perfect because the heart shape is a bit different at the top but this is just to give me a heart shaped work space to “try on” my fonts and images to get a visual of how they will look.  As you can see, I tried several images for the dividing heart and settled on the rose.  I also wrote the entire “Be Mine” and set it’s size to fit.  I then made 6 copies of “Be Mine” deleted all but one letter from each and placed that letter over the hearts.  This way the letters stayed the same size as the original.  It drives me crazy when I am working on a project and then realize that by setting each letter as a separate item that they aren’t the same size.  It can be hard to tell on the screen but I’ve lost a lot of paper, HTV, vinyl and fabric to things not being quite they way I imagined them to be.

I deleted the images I didn’t want and hid the hearts and duplicate “Be Mine” and then cut the letters and rose out of glitter card stock.  I’m not sure of the brand of paper since it was a loose sheet but I believe it came from Michaels Recollections line.

The grey cutting mat on the table is there because my tiny table has a leaf that pulls up and the cutting mat gets stuck in the grove when the mat is fully extended, the mat on the table keeps that from happening since it can really mess up a cut.

I cut a rectangle around the rose so that I could use the negative space as a template for gluing the tiny pieces.

This is where I got into trouble!  The glitter paper is a layered paper, since I used a wet glue the layers separated.  I used very little glue but I guess even a little was too much for the smaller pieces.  Also, even using a small amount of glue was too much for some pieces, it spread when pressed down and glued the negative to the banner heart as well.  I have watched other bloggers videos where when making cards with piecing they use a double stick glue sheet.  I think that would have been a much better option.  I didn’t have any trouble with the letters, probably because they were bigger.

When I pulled up the negative I had a mess and I tried to pull up the tiny pieces to start over but this is when the layers became evident.  What I was left with is a white fuzzy rose on my pink heart.

As you can see, this particular heart had a lot of black ick on it from something.  It was there when I opened the package.  Since this was the heart with the ick I decided to just toss this heart in the trash and learn my lesson for next time.

I was able to use the banner without the rose so it’s not a total loss.

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