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This banner went much better than the pervious one.  So good I decided to make a second one and film it. 

For this banner I started with a very nice, thick felt banner from Target that only cost $3.  I have fun checking Bullseye’s Playground for craft ideas when I go to Target and I have a box full of items that still need to be made.  This banner, however, is a current find and my local store still had a few left.  But, if they don’t in your area or you would like to make your own the project has a similar banner included for cutting although it is my understanding that if you want to cut it from felt you should probably use a Cricut Maker (I don’t have one).  I would just make the banner out of regular fabric with a stiff backing like a very heavy fusible interfacing.  I made this project using my Cricut Explore Air with the fabric blade and fabric mat.  The only issue I ran into with this project was that because I have used my mat so much lately  it began to lose some of its stickiness and one of my Es needed to be snipped in a spot because it tried to lift off the mat. After that I flipped the mat around and put the fabric on the other edge and everything worked just fine.  (Did you know you can put your mat in bottom first?)

1 banner (optional, you can make your own)
1/4 yard of contrasting fabric
HeatnBond Ultrahold link (ooo,  I just looked at the link and see it comes in a 75 yard role, more fun!)

Cricut Design Space (project saved here)
Cricut Explore or Maker
Fabric mat
Fabric blade, pink
Cricut scraper or other smoother to get fabric flat
Cutting mat
Cutting wheel or scissors
Iron or Cricut Heat Press
Ironing board or heat mat
Power source turned on (don’t ask)

First press out any wrinkles in your fabric then cut the HeatnBond to a 6 inch width and follow the package instructions to attach the HeatnBond to the back/wrong side of your fabric.  (Ok, if you are watching the video I first cut it 5″ because I was on the 1″ mark and not the 0 mark.) If your HeatnBond isn’t long enough do not overlap to add more, just put the next piece of HeatnBond at the edge of the already attached piece.  This will prevent a lump in your finished project where the glue comes together.  I was using a Cricut Heat Press so I set it to 300 degrees.  Make sure you use a heat proof surface when pressing.  Wait for the paper backing to COOL, it gets H-O-T-! in only 8 seconds.  Then pull off the paper backing and throw it away.  Then place your fabric on the mat with the HeatnBond touching the against the mat, I leave the fabric hanging off the end of the mat so there is less waste and just cut away the left overs each time I move the fabric up the mat.  You do not want excess fabric at the top of the mat.  This project cuts quickly so it was not a bother to watch it and make sure the excess fabric at the bottom of the mat didn’t get caught up on anything.

When your fabric is ready, open the project in Design Space, link here.  You will see two banners, I made the top one using Tie The Knot – Monogram as the font, the other is Cricut Alphabet – Circle.  I chose these fonts because the banner flags are so large and I felt they needed more substance than just a letter.  I have grouped each set of banners and each set of letters & hearts so they are easy to identify.  Choose the banners and letters you do not want to cut and hide them by highlighting them in the layers panel and clicking the eye. 

Once you have only what you want to cut on the screen click Make It and then adjust your mat size to 9×12; you will see on the video that I set it to 8.5×12 on my iPad but when I went to get a screen grab on my MAC for this picture I realized that the options are more limited and chose 9×12 on my MAC.  As long as you get two letters per mat in a vertical alignment you have what you need.  Send it to your Cricut making sure it is set to cut fabric and your fabric blade is installed.  Pull the letters off carefully, each scallop and letter cut makes the fabric easy to tear.

When you are done cutting set the first letter on the banner and find the placement you like, I liked mine at 1/2 inch from the top.  Make sure the letter is centered and then heat with the iron or heat press following package directions and making sure your project is on a heat proof surface.  Continue adding the rest of the letters, using a ruler to make sure they are all at the same placement.  The heart will need some adjusting to what looks best to you since it is not the same height as the letters.

When done, hang in a prominent spot because you are going to want to show it off.

If you do make the project please leave a comment and let me know how it turned out.  And if you find a use for the leftover letters (negatives) I’d love to know what you made.

Please watch the video below.

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